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Joachim Pastor


Hungry Music // FR

Joachim Pastor was 4 when he first discovered the world of music, at Versailles Conservatory where he grew up. After taking part in many bands, he fell in love for musical production, and never stopped it eversince. His fast progession allowed him to stand out as a unique talent, soon well identified for his pop and melodic influences.

In 2014, he joins Worakls and N’to to create the label Hungry Music, which enabled him to produce his music just the way he wants it. Capable of producing both colorful melodies and impulsive rhythms, his live performance always stands out. Beyond his high sensitivity in terms of electronic music, he uses his instrumental technique, especially at the guitar, to transcend the borders of the genre.

Joachim Pastor is today well acclaimed for his hybrid sounds, as pleasant to listen to at home than in festivals. His upcoming album, gathering loads of exclusive featurings, is the next step of an already very promissing progression.